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Small immersion pond of no use to protect the Kapra Lake

Hans India 2018-09-15 03:44:25
Small immersion pond of no use to protect the Kapra Lake
Even after the construction of small immersion pond beside the Kapra Lake, there is a possibility of Plaster of Paris Ganesh idols being immersed into the lake. The pond is 13-feet deep constructed six months ago by GHMC. The aim to protect the lake from getting polluted from POP Ganesh idols seems to go in vain. This would worry the residents living close to the lake as they have to bear the emanating stench. “Only five feet Ganesh idols can be immersed completely. Large sized idols have to be immersed in the lake.
We hope we get only few idols of the size greater than five feet. The change has to come in public, especially those who establish Ganesh pandals on streets and apartments, to choose POP idols of small in size and mud idols to safeguard the water bodies,” said Bala Krishna, DE, GHMC, Kapra.
“It is high time to protect the water body and lot more awareness is required. This festival, few apartments have preferred mud idols rather heavily coloured POP idols. The lake is filled with sewerage and emanates foul smell,” said Murali Mohan, a resident. 
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