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INPT observes BJP-IPFT govt in Tripura failed to meet up peoples' expectation

webindia123 2018-09-14 00:00:00
Amid in fight between BJP and IPFT two partners in the Tripura government, tribal based opposition Indigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra (INPT) today made an appeal to the government for ensuring pro-peoples' governance in the state and restore peace and tranquility.

INPT President Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawal alleged that the growing hostility between the two partners of the ruling alliance has created an abnormal situation across the state, which affected the process of development and amity among the people.

"This government was voted to power for the welfare of the people, but now they are suffering from inner fight. The people choose BJP-IPFT alliance, as they wanted to end up the corrupt rule of communist. But after six months it appears that the peoples' aspirations were thrown to the back seat," Hrangkhawal said.

"The recent spate of violence made us to believe that this government is completely immature and failed to drive the governance as it was expected," he said, adding that scarcity of work and food has been haunting the rural livelihood since inception of the new government. The government has changed many systems in the governance but most of them were not feasible for the state but no corrective measure was taken so far.

Unfortunately, most of the decisions of the cabinet were not implemented properly, which is appeared to be the major hurdle for public life. This government has become over dependent on bureaucracy and as a result, the government is facing problems in every passing day, Hrangkhawal pointed out.

"The chief minister must know him and his MLAs were voted to power by the people and each one of them is accountable to the people not bureaucrats. It seems that there is no political accountability of the government. Everything is going with the will and wish of a section of officers who hardly have any stake in the state and commitment to the land," Hrangkhawal attributed.

He further mentioned BJP and IPFT must introspect their performance and must realise that whoever voted them in the last elections was not their party man. A large number people voted against the Left Front for the development and welfare of the people of the state, but now they have been doing completely reverse.

The rift between BJP and IPFT was started from the beginning of choosing Chairman of Block Advisory Committees (BAC) in tribal dominated blocks. The BJP wanted to nominate it's people in majority cases, but IPFT disagree with it rather demanded the control of BACs in strategic blocks where BJP has significant holdings.

According to the police report, as many as three BJP MLAs was manhandled, about a hundred of its active workers were injured and more than 34 party offices of the BJP were ransacked and set on fire in the last six months allegedly by IPFT cadres over power tussle. Similarly, IPFT has also left 76 of its cadres injured allegedly by the BJP's attack.

Criticizing the ruling parties' highhandedness to hijack the election process Hrangkhawal said it is unfortunate that none others were allowed to file nomination and ruling alliance partners are also quarrelling among themselves. However, State Election Commission today rejected the demand and argued that the Act doesn't have such provision to extend the nomination process once it is over. UNI BB RN

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