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Foreigners spending 14.5 percent of GDP in Albania tourism

Global Travel And Tourism News 2018-09-14 09:45:57

The amount of money spent by international visitors In Albania accounted for almost 14.8% of Gross Domestic Product. This was the recently confirmed statistics by the UN World Tourism Organization, according to which, in the Balkans, Montenegro becomes first with approximately 21.8% of GDP, followed by Albania.

In the meantime, in Serbia and FYROM, this percentage is quite small, as they dearth of a coastline.

According to the World Tourism and Travel Council on the other hand, this year, the tourism’s contribution in Albanian economy will amount to around 26.3% of GDP.


According to this organization, last year, this sector’s direct contribution on the GDP accounted for 8.5% of GDP. In 2018, this contribution is anticipated to expand by 3.9% to 393.3 billion lek.



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