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7 Innovative Ganesha Idols That Are Above Everyone’s Expectations

The Pillar 2018-09-13 15:57:44

Masala Ganesh, seeds Ganesh, Candy Ganesh, vegetable Ganesh, fruit Ganesh, fish food Ganesha and what not??. Now a day Ganesha is friendlier to everyone.

‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ is the festival of joy. These festive celebrations culminate in the immersion of Ganesha idols into the ponds, sea, lakes, and rivers.

As most idols are made from Plaster of Paris and toxic, non-biodegradable chemical colors, which cause a harm to nature. But today the world knows its responsibility and everyone is behind eco-friendly idols. To reduce the environmental damage, most of the people begun installing Ganpati idols that are both innovative and eco-friendly. There has been a dramatic jump in the demand for ‘green’ idols to celebrate the festival this year.

Here it is the list of most creative eco-friendly Ganpati.

Fish-friendly Ganesha:

The statues are made of clay and then stuffed with fish-friendly food. In the idol, they are putting the fish food, like corn, spinach, wheat, and vegetable powder. After that, it is decorated with biodegradable, organic colors such as turmeric, Chandan, and gerua.

Candy Ganesha

The whole idol is made with different types of candies and then decorated with some chocolates. After that, the candies were distributed to the children.

Chocolate Ganesha

A sweet touch to the festival with chocolate is the best way for celebration. Chocolate Ganesha then immersed in milk, which becomes the perfect recipe for a milkshake, much to the delight of children in different orphanages where the milkshake is then distributed.


Eco-friendly Ganpati idols that are made from red soil and fertilizers, and contain plant seeds. After the festival, the idols undergo a symbolic immersion. The idol will dissolve in water and the seeds sown in the pot, and then the idol grows back as a plant.

Alum Ganesha

Alum Ganesha idols that can quickly dissolve in water. Mostly Alum is used for the purification of wastewater. The idols are designed with food colors.

Coconut Ganesha:

The combination of mud and coconut husk to produce Ganpati idols. This will easily dissolve in water. The basic structure is made from mud, and once dry, the figures are bound with fibers from coconut husks.

Masala Ganesha

Idol made out of spices and newspapersis the new and interesting way. Clove, cinnamon, chilies and mustard seeds, these masalas are used in making masala Ganesha… Ganesha idols are also made from pencils and erasers, chocolate and toy cars, too.