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Haryana FM hails Modi for Constitutional status to NCBC

Eenadu India 2018-08-10 22:45:00

He also lashed out at the Congress for causing delays (Twitter/@CaptAbhimanyu)

Chandigarh: Haryana Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu Singh Sindhu on Friday called Prime Minister Narendra Modi an egalitarian and said constitutional status to National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) is a major step towards the uplift of the downtrodden.

In a statement here, Abhimanyu said if the Congress Party had not halted the passage of the bill in the Rajya Sabha, the commission could have come into existence months earlier.

This (constitutional status) will pave the way for ensuring socio-economic justice to the people belonging to backward and deprived sections of society, he explained.

The finance minister said with the passage of Constitution (123rd Amendment) Bill in the Parliament, the NCBC has got legal status and about 54 per cent of the population will benefited from it.

Since decades, the poor and backward strata, which are also part of the general category in the country, have been kept deprived of their rights, he said.

The Congress party has always played politics and their only consideration has been political gains, he said.

Now, after the constitutional status to the commission, the deprived and backward people of general category can get reservation through constitutional process, he added.

He said the state government has given the benefit of reservation to the Jat Sikh, Ror, Bishnoi and Tyagi communities by passing an act in the Vidhan Sabha.

He said the commission for backward classes had been waiting to get constitutional status for the last 27 years.

However, Congress and other political parties, which were earlier in power and now in opposition never made any effort for constitutional status of NCBC, he said.

He lamented that Congress had deceived the OBC community for 70 years.

While being in power, the Congress party had never taken any administrative or constitutional decisions for the welfare of OBC, he added.

The Congress party not only stripped the backward community of their rights but also vitiated the peaceful atmosphere of the state by creating friction in society, he said.

He said communities which were deprived of their rights so far would now be able to get the same legally through this commission.