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Congress leader on Triple Talaq bill: ‘Women are treated unfairly in all communities, even Lord Ram once left Sita after doubting’

Free Press Journal 2018-08-10 14:02:04

As the Modi government is preparing to push the triple talaq bill in Rajya Sabha, a senior Congress leader compared Muslim woman’s sufferings with Goddess Sita who was also once abandoned by her husband Lord Rama. Hussain Dalwai quoted in ANI, “Women treated unfairly in all communities, not just Muslims, even Hindus, Christians, Sikhs etc. In every society, there is male domination. Even Shree Ram Chandra ji once left Sita ji after doubting her. So we need to change as a whole.”

”The Modi government is not interested in the welfare of Muslim women. The government’s promise of giving more rights to the Muslim women and empowering them is just an eye-wash,” Dalwai reportedly told Zee News.

Several BJP MPs too raised objections to Dalwai’s statement in the Rajya Sabha and the demanded the same to be expunged. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today urged the Congress to support the amended triple talaq Bill. Prasad said the bill seeks justice for crores of women.

Interestingly, Congress leaders remarks came at a time when his party is centre of attraction over the talaq bill which the party opposed in the earlier Parliament session. Meanwhile, the Cabinet on Thursday approved amendments in the Triple Talaq Bill. Triple Talaq, the much-debated bill was passed in Lok Sabha last year. The Bill proposes a three-year jail term for a Muslim man who divorces his wife in any form of spoken, written or by electronic means such as email, SMS, and WhatsApp. Triple talaq, or verbal divorce, is practised by a section in the Muslim community to instantly divorce their wives by uttering ‘talaq’ three times.