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Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

Telly Chakkar 2018-08-09 16:01:00

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar gets Kullfi back

The episode starts with the doctor telling Sikandar that she is sorry as Kullfi is no more. Sikandar is in denial that Kullfi has left him. He tries to sing a song for her thinking that she will come back, everyone looks at them and gets emotional. Kullfi’s soul leaves her and tells Sikandar to live happily with Lovely and Amyra. Lovely remembers her moments with Tevar.

Lovely is hurt with Tevar and Minty’s engagement. Lovely’s mother asks Lovely to end all her feelings. Lovely says she can handle the situation. Lovely’s mother thinks that Lovely will ruin her marriage.

The doctor tells Sikandar to leave as Kullfi is dead, he tells them that Kullfi is just acting. The media is waiting outside and they accuse Sikandar of Kullfi’s death. He scolds them and tells them to leave.

Kullfi reaches heaven and meets Nimrit. She tells Kullfi to go back and not to come next to her. Kullfi tells her that she doesn’t want to go back. Nimrit tells her that she should go back as she needs to meet her father. She tells her that she doesn’t want to know who her father is after the experience she had with David as she almost thought that he was a father. But Nimrit tells her to go back and meet her father. She takes Kullfi back to Sikandar.

Sikandar is about to sign death certificate but suddenly Kullfi comes back to life. Kullfi opens her eyes. Kullfi remembers that Nimrit had told her that she will find out about her father if she reads her diary. Nimrit asks Kullfi to make Sikandar read the diary.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi Reveals the Truth

The episode starts with Naira taking out gifts out from the car. She sees Kartik and Aashi talking and starts to feel uncomfortable. Kartik sees her noticing him and then he comes to offer help with the gifts. She tells him she will manage it and to continue with his work.

Naksh and Kirti have a romantic moment with each other. Naksh and Kirti go on the stage and tell everyone that today’s theme is fairy tales. With the word fairytales the word love itself comes to their minds. Naksh tells Mansi and Anmol to come on to the stage as there is a surprise for them. Kartik and Naira notice some kind on the problem in the plug. Kirti asks the guests if they are ready? Naksh asks them to get ready as something cute is going to happen. The lights go off.

Naira and Kartik suspect some problem and warn Naksh, Kirti, Mansi, and Anmol to get down from the stage as any accident may happen, and tell Kirti and Naksh to go and take care of the audience. As they are trying to rectify the problem, the cage comes and falls on them, and they both get stuck inside.

Mansi requests Naira and Kartik to dance since they are caught in the cage. Kartik and Naira begin to dance and everyone starts to cheer for them. Everyone is happy to see them together. Suwarna sees happiness over Suhasini’s face and thought that it must be done by her. Aashi goes and appreciates Kartik for his dance. Suhasini tells Naira to take care of herself.

Aashi says that the next performance is with the men. They start dancing, and then they have to go and dance with their wives, but Kartik doesn’t go to Naira and continues to dance with Aashi. This disturbs Naira.

Suwarna says she really wants to know what the matter is and that if she’ll not tell her she will tell everyone that Suhasini is hiding something from them. Suwarna asks her what’s that matter. Suhasini tells her that Naira is pregnant. Suwarna is shocked. She can’t believe that is true.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Param Wants to Kill Ishita

The episode starts with everyone being happy that Ananya is fine. Chanda asks how her daughter is. The doctor says she is fine and tells her to thank Ishita, Simmi tells not to believe them, as Ishita is the one who as poisoned her.

The inspector arrests her. Mani and Shagun try to tell the inspector that Ishita can never harm children.

The police say that Ananya’s mom has given a statement and they need to come for questioning. The police say that Ananya’s mom was blackmailed and then kidnapped and put in Raman’s car.

He says that he suspects Param’s hand behind it, and he can kill anyone. He tells Ishita and Raman to keep an eye on Param. Shagun comes and says that Mani and I got you bail. Ishita says thanks, I’m worried for Chanda and Ananya. Inspector says they have been given police protection, don’t worry.

Simmi says that Shagun is clever, she got bail for them. Param says that he feels that the police are also involved along with them. Param says that nowadays we can play with laws and if they don’t punish them then we will.

He says that we should kill Ishita. Simmi is shocked to hear this and tells him that’s not possible, he then reminds her of how her daughter is not there with her and Ishita is responsible for her daughter’s death. He says that we won’t kill her we will find the weakest point in the family, and that person will kill her.

Mrs. Bhalla is happy as Ananya is fine now. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that Adi didn’t stay quiet, and she wasn’t friendly with him. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and asks Ishita to stay away from the baby. Param and Simmi look on. Param says that we have found the weakest point it’s you mother Simmi she will kill Ishita. Ishita loves her family very much now. Her family will only take her life.

Param comes and troubles Adi, and he starts to cry. Mihika tries to calm him down, but he doesn’t keep quiet. Ishita comes and sees his temperature and it’s normal. Mihika is worried. Simmi dips thermometer in hot water. Param says when Mihika uses this, she will see 103. Ishita says the baby has no fever, Mihika is getting hyper.

Ishqbaaz: Shivaay Apologies to Anika; Daksh Exposed

The episode starts with Shivaay arranging everything for the marriage. Anika tells him that he is doing a big mistake by getting Priyanka married to Daksh, Daksh defends himself, Shivaay tells Daksh that he has called a press conference to give all of Priyanka's property to him as that’s also Priyanka's wish.

Daksh is very happy to hear this and can’t believe that this all this is happening so soon. Priyanka approaches Shivaay and shouts at him for hiding the truth from her and not telling her that he got married to Anika, but she is very happy to see the two together and tells him that he wouldn’t have got a better wife than her. She tells Anika that though Shivaay looks like a very stern person he is very soft hearted.

At the press conference, the news reporters ask him why he has held the conference. Shivaay says that he has called them to show everyone that Shivaay Singh Oberoi does what he says. He calls Daksh on the stage, and he tells him I know what’s going in your mind but sometimes that doesn’t happen. He calls Anika on stage and then she slaps him, Daksh shouts at her for her misbehavior. Then Payal comes and slaps and Priyanka also slaps him.

The reporters ask Shivaay in shock about what is happening. He says that the three girls shall speak for themselves. Payal reveals that Daksh has promised to get married to her but in order to get married to Priyanka, he kidnapped her. Anika tells her that he misbehaved with her. Priyanka says that he wanted to get married to me only for property sake.

Shivaay tells them that each time something like this happens, it always the girl who is blamed. If a marriage is broken, the girl is labeled as characterless. He says that he held the press conference to reveal the true character of Daksh.

He also says that he too has committed a sin by calling Anika characterless. He comes in front of Anika and he looks at her and apologizes in front of everyone.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi to Marry Virat

The episode starts with Aarohi waking up and saying Deep. Tara is on her way. She says I need to go. Deep’s thug calls and says that Aarohi ran. Deep says go find her. Mausi sees a doll hanging, and there is smoke and the door closes.

Aarohi reaches the market and she hides behind a group of women. All women shout at thugs and ask them to leave. Deep reaches the house and sees Mausi fainting and she tells him that there is a doll hanging there and someone closed the door she didn’t see who it was.

Aarohi comes to Chawani. She says why are you so scared? He says Virat came he was looking for someone. Aarohi says he can come back.

Tara is going to harm the thug because of whom Aarohi ran away. Deep comes there and stops her and tells her that not to do anything stupid that will get her in trouble.

Aarohi comes to the house. It is all decorated. Virat says welcome. Virat says I want to tell you something and he asks her to marry her. She says yes but he has to do something for her.

The media comes to Deep’s house. The reporter says you said you have important news. He says there is no news. Aarohi comes and says I have the important news.

Bepannaah: Zoya Comes to Her Date Inebriated

The episode starts with Pooja asking Aditya what he you chooses, his past or future? Aditya thanks her, and gives his hand to Zoya, and she scolds him for standing at the edge of the terrace. Aditya thinks he chose his future, his happiness, and his love. I chose Zoya! He jumps happily.

Aditya hugs Arjun and thanks him; Arjun asks him when he will propose to Zoya. Aditya says I cannot wait. I will do it tonight. Arjun is thrilled.

Noor is also very happy and she knows that her sister will also say a yes. She dreams of her and Zoya in the Huda house together. As Zoya is giving instructions to the vendor for the decoration, Aditya comes and tells her that if she wants to know why he is behaving like that she needs to meet him for dinner at 8 pm. She refuses as she has a lot of work. Noor says not to worry here she will manage the work. Zoya then agrees.

Aditya has planned a surprise for Zoya, and Arjun calls and asks him if he is fine. He tells him that he is very nervous. Arjun tells him not to be nervous and to just tell his feelings to Zoya. Zoya is about to come. They end the call.

As Aditya is reading the letter that he has written for Zoya, she comes there and he gets shocked. Zoya tells Aditya that she won’t allow him to go anywhere, and he won’t leave her alone. She sees the decorations and asks him is it anyone’s anniversary today he says no he celebrating as today is his rebirth day.

Aditya comes to know that she is drunk and he tries to feed her some food and but she refuses to eat. Zoya stands atop a car. Aditya tries to stop her but she does not mind creating a drama. I got my friend back today. He also swore that he will never leave me She turns to Aditya and says that if he leaves her and goes then the driver is the witness that he took the promise that he won’t leave her. Zoya asks Aditya if he understands what she is saying. You swore upon me. You know the consequence of breaking it right? He replies that he won’t break it.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal and Nandini Spend the Night in Refugee Tents

The episode starts with Nandini looking tensed and shocked as Kunal offered his hand to her. She firmly takes her hand back and is careful as she walks towards the temple.

Dida prays for the safety of Kunal and Nandini. Kunal and Nandini reach the temple, He calls the pandit and he asks them how they have reached here as the way was filled with danger. Nandini says they had to come here surely, their grandmother had vowed to come here on Kunal’s father’s birthday. Both pray together.

Rajdeep is flirting with a girl, Dida sees him and gets angry. She throws her shoes towards him, and starts to yell at him, and tells him that he is very mean and he is done a very wrong thing with Nandini. Rajdeep tells Dida to stop giving me a lecture and pushes, she is about to fall and then Mauli holds her.

She tells Rajdeep to apologize to Dida or else she will file a complaint against him, he asks her what proof she as, she shows him the CCTV footage around and he gets worried and he apologizes to Dida. He tells Mauli that one day he will take revenge on her entire family.

Kunal and Nandini come downstairs and asks someone are the roads clear to go. He says not yet and they have put tents here to spend the night. Kunal gets only one tent so he tells Nandini to sleep inside and he will sleep outside the tent.

A few people come to do a bonfire and offer Kunal and Nandini to join as well. They soon join the gathering. A soup is given to everyone. Kunal offers his bowl to Nandini, as she has climbed a huge number of stairs today and must be thirsty. Everyone is feeling cold.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Confront Each Other

The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he needs to talk to her. Abhi takes Pragya to the room and tells her that she can’t dance with King like the way she dances with him. He says that those are his memories and she shouldn’t share with anyone. She tells him that he has right only on the memories and not on her.

Pragya says you have thrown me out of your life and have no right on me. You have right on memories, but not on me. She says you have a problem as I am dancing with someone else. She tells him that he needs to understand that King is her husband, which he was some years back. Abhi asks her why she married so fast and didn’t wait also.

He says why you married King immediately after breaking up with me. He says you might have married him in London as nobody would ask you about your past. He asks why did she show off about King and asks why did she marry him and not someone else.

Pragya also asks him why did he marry Tanu. She tells that he kicked her out of his life so that he could get married to Tanu, Abhi tells that her that she doesn’t know in what circumstances he got married to her. Abhi says I got married to you due to helplessness and says my both marriages happened without my wish.

Aaliya comes to Tanu and says that she has plans to make the chandelier fall on Pragya. Aaliya says if Abhi chooses Pragya then you will be on road. She tells that even if Pragya is saved then she might suffer face injuries or if she is saved then King might not let her come here. She says until King is here, she will not go.

Pragya tells Abhi that he never even bothered to see whether she was dead or alive. Pragya asks if their marriage was a mistake then what is the best phase of her life. He tells her if the marriage was a mistake for you, but it was the best phase of my life. He says I will never forget our meeting and you’re thinking that our marriage is a mistake.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara to Help Her Father

The episode starts with Kabir saying thanks to Zara for telling him about what Nilofar told her. He tells her to go and meet her father and he will handle this. Zara comes and meets her father, she tells him that Kabir has gone to the lawyer. He says I don’t want you to get involved in this, there is a problem in Shariya court. I have to decide if halal is legal or not. She says there is no such thing in the Quran. He says you never know the intentions of the second husband.

Kashan is gymming when Miraj comes and blackmails him that he knows that he robbed money from his father and he will give him the money, but he needs to be on his side or else he will tell everyone of what he has done.

Kabir tells Zara that the lawyer said that everything will be fine, and not to worry. When Kabir and Shahbaz meet Kashan, he tells them that there is nothing wrong in the accounts and Miraj didn’t do anything.

Zara tells Nilofar to come and take the file as Kashan has said that it’s all false. She tells Zara to be aware and to keep her eyes open.

Zara comes to Abida’s house. She says you filed Nikkash case. I came to help you. Can I record your statement? She says I married Waseem Khan. He went to some other country and never kept in contact, and when he came down, the family didn’t allow me to meet him, I can’t leave my daughter she said.

He asked me to do halal. Zara says any woman won’t do that. She says people want money from me to do halal and I will have to sleep with him. Zara hugs her and says I won’t let this happen.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan Takes Sherlyn to the Doctor

The episode starts with Rakhi asking Karan to eat something but he says that he is fine. They plan to invite all of their family members to the functions of marriage. Sameer notices that Karan is trying to stop Sherlyn.

Karan throws a ball on her and he says sorry and it happened by mistake, Sherlyn tells him that she knows that he is doing all this on purpose.

As she is going to return the ball to him she falls and hurts herself, everyone comes forward to help her. Karan tells her that he will take her to the doctor but she refuses to go but once the family members agree she goes.

The doctors try to inject her, but she hesitates and the doctors draw blood. When she comes to know, she pushes the doctor and the blood sample falls down, the doctor tells her to wait but she goes away from there.

Karan follows her, but she is gone. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he thought after that incident Karan won’t interfere in his matter but he is not stopping and we need to do something.

Sherlyn says don’t do anything that will put us in jail. Prithvi thinks that this will result in Karan getting away from Preeta and then he will also not be able to make any plans against them.

Srishti comes and tells Preeta why she is not taking her to the party, Preeta says that she herself is not invited and she is just going along with her senior then how she can take her sister.

Preeta scolds Srishti about her irresponsibility and remembers she had the same fight with Karan and thinks when will be the next time she can talk to him. Srishti comes and asks Preeta if she was thinking about Karan.

Srishti tells her that she knows she is missing Karan, and it’s clearly seen on her face. Preeta tells her that there is nothing like that and changes the topic. Srishti asks God to make everything fine as she knows the pain of missing someone as she also misses Sameer. Karan feels very worried to be away from Preeta even though he is not there to trouble her.