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Paytm's great offer, 7500 Cashback on payment of petrol

Technoking1 2018-08-08 23:25:49

New Delhi: We often think about the prices of petrol and diesel when it will be less. But, instead of being cheaper, the prices of petrol are kept at a higher rate. Prices of petrol and diesel vary daily and people also pay petrol and diesel daily. But, if cashback is available on payment of petrol, then how? Or if you say that you will pay, but if you get the money back you will not believe it. But, Pettyma has taken a tremendous offer. The biggest cashback offer is being offered to you to fill petrol and diesel. Cashback is also up to Rs 7,500. If you pay with Paytm after dropping petrol in your car, then you can take cashback up to Rs 7,500.

Offer started from 1st August
Paytm has started this offer from 1 August 2018. By 31st January, 2019, the benefits of the offer can be obtained on payment of petrol. Under the offer, the minimum transaction value of all your transactions should be 50 rupees. That is, you will have to pay a petrol of at least 50 rupees.

Advantage on a payment in the day
Cashback can be availed only once a day. This means that if you are going to petrol several times a day and pay the money to the Pettyma, then cashback will be available only on the first transaction. Cashback will arrive in your Paytm wallet within 48 hours of your transaction according to Pettym's terms.

How to get cashback up to Rs 7,500
On paying petrol pumps on the petrol pump, you will get a flat cashback of Rs.10, using a flat cashback of 50 rupees and Pettyme Payment Bank on Electricity Bill. At the same time, for a second time the payment of petrol from Petty will be given a discount of 100 rupees on the movie ticket. On the third transaction, you will get a cashback of Rs. 350 for Oyo Rooms. On the fourth transaction, you get a flat cashback of 25 rupees on DTH recharge.

Cashback of Rs 1,350 per 10th transaction
On fifth petrol pump, you will get a cashback of 200 rupees on buying a movie ticket. At the same time, a flat cashback of 25 rupees will be available on the sixth transaction. On the 10th transaction, you will get a cashback of Rs 1,350. After this, you will get a cashback of Rs 1,350 on every 10th transaction.

Take advantage only till 31st January 2019
The advantage of PettyM's cashback offer can be raised till 31 January 2019. After the first transaction from Pettm on petrol pump, you will receive a SMS to join the cashback offer of Rs 7,500. You can take advantage of this by clicking on cashback offers given in your profile section.