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Ball-Tampering Threatens Cricket's DNA

sportzwiki 2018-08-08 15:30:00

International Cricket Council CEO David Richardson believes that the recent events of Ball-Tampering threaten cricket’s DNA. David Richardson believes Cricket’s DNA is based on integrity.

Richardson had delivered a lecture at annual MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s on Monday. The ICC CEO talked about how the Ball Tampering takes away the authenticity from the beautiful game. The former Proteas player believes harsh punishment must be given to all the players who try to tamper the ball.

David Richardson. Credits: AFP

Cricket’s DNA is integrity.

Richardson said that game’s life depends on integrity. However, the recent event has put the image of the game in danger.

Richardson said while delivering his lecture.

The ICC boss also addressed the other issues the game has been battling for years. Richardson went on to add factors like sledging, unnecessary send-offs are bad for the game. Furthermore, contact with the players demeans the spirit of the gentlemen’s game.

This isn’t the version of our sport that we want to project to the world,” he added.

Richarson also went to explain the basics of the ball tampering. ICC CEO said that if a player is trying to alter the condition of the ball by use of an external substance, it is ball-tampering.

ICC looking to make the game more pristine. Credits: Getty

he added.

David concluded.