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Have you met Jacqueline and Aliaa's cats?

Rediff News 2018-08-08 05:30:00

A 'purr'fect day for some #cutenessoverload!

On International Cat Day, today, here are some adorable pictures of celebrities posing with their feline buddies that will make your day.

Meet Jacqueline's grumpy, cute companion MiuMiu. She features in almost every other of her posts on Instagram. Photograph: Kind courtesy Jacqueline Fernandez/Instagram

Aliaa Bhatt grew up around pets. In fact, she'd rescue strays and even bring them home. Between her sister Shaheen and her, they have two cats Sheeba and Picca.
On her 24th birthday, Aliaa brought home another furry feline and named him Edward. She even calls him her therapist.
'I love showing people how cute he is. I mean, look how cute! My friends say I’m a little crazy as at times I actually just sit and keep looking at him. But that’s because I love him so much. He’s my baby.' Photograph: Kind courtesy Aliaa Bhatt/Instagram

Zarine Khan has over a dozen cats at home. This Persian cat is one of her favourites. Photograph: Kind courtesy Zarine Khan/Instagram

American singer-actor Bella Thorne has two dogs and two cats -- Louis and Lola.
Louis even featured in one of Bella's ad campaigns in 2013.  Photograph: Kind courtesy Bella Thorne

Taylor Swift has two cats -- Meredith and Olivia -- and doesn't mind cuddling and lazying away with them. Photograph: Kind courtesy Taylor Swift/Instagram

Katy Perry has two cats -- Monkey and Kitty Purry.
The latter is also her sidekick, who's appeared in her 'I Kissed a Girl' video. Photograph: Kind courtesy Katy Perry/Instagram

Nina Dobrev lost her pet in 2017 but her heartfelt tribute made the Internet weep with her.
'As I look back on the last 18 years together, I smile through my tears. You brought me so much joy, love, unlimited cuddles and so many sandpaper kisses. I still remember the first day I brought you home, the size of a tea cup purring as I held you in my hands. You were so fragile and furry, as soft as the worlds tiniest cashmere blanket. I knew in that moment you were my soulmate,' Dobrev wrote on Instagram.  Photograph: Kind courtesy Nina Dobrev/Instagram

Trust Kesha to take her love for cats to the next level.
On International Pet Day, she posted this photograph featuring three of her cats.
'FAMILY PHOTO!!!!!!!!! happy pet appreciation dayyyyyyy!!!!! i appreciate my little Char-beeeyyyy, Queso bean baby and Sir Mr. Peeps.  Oh and brad. ;)))))' she captioned this picture. Photograph: Kind courtesy Kesha/Instagram