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Kundapur: Man thrashed for habitual indecent behaviour with women

daijiworld 2018-08-08 07:42:00

Silvester D'Souza

Daijiworld Media Network - Kundapur (SP)

Kundapur, Aug 8: A man, who had the habit of standing by the side of the road, removing his clothes and exhibiting his body whenever women came that way since sometime, was nabbed, tied up, and beaten up by the general public in the town. The incident happened on the evening of Tuesday August 8 at LIC Road here. The accused in this case happens to be the son of a well-known non-vegetarian hotel owner here and a local resident.

It is said that the said youth had, since sometime, been waiting by different roads in the town. He was in the habit of suddenly unzipping his trousers when women road users are seen, and behave in an obscene way. On Monday he repeated his vulgar ways and a few offended women went home and narrated this incident to their family members, it is learnt. Angered by his behaviour, many locals came together, tied the accused up, and mauled him on Tuesday.

The accused, who arrived at a spot in his scooty with a raincoat on, was mobbed by local women who did not allow him to move. Then he was tied up to an electric pole and attacked with plastic wires. Police personnel of the town station who reached the spot after coming to know of the incident, took the man into custody. Family members of the young man then came to the police station and told the police that the youth is mentally ill. It also transpired that he is married and has children.

Many have been questioning the attitude of the people who took law into their hands and resorted to moral policing, as police have to be approached in case of any unlawful acts. At the same time, no case was registered in the police station. This also has given rise to suspicions among the people.