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Have you seen these viral images of the Gandhi Family’s visit to Amethi? There is a reason for the Indians to worry

Vice Daily 2018-07-12 22:32:27
Recalling the former Indian Prime Minister Amethi, who promised his village a bridge that would allow easy access to a community on the other side of the river, here we are standing 30 years later, in the same village & still waiting for the bridge to be built!! Without second thoughts, Yes, I am talking about “Amethi”- The so-called kid of Nehru- Gandhi Dynasty!! Coming back to the present days, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Party’s undeclared nominee for the office of Prime Minister, has been constantly mocking at the “Gujarat model of development” and picking out knots from PM Narendra Modi Government. Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra have also been ridiculing the Gujarat model and shooting barbs at PM Narendra Modi for his 4 years of Prime Ministership!! This has prompted people to ask, what has Congress changed in its “Amethi” constituency, that belongs to the Dynasty family since 1980?? What changes do people see after so long years of Nehru- Gandhi rule?
Talking of the Congress President, his family has produced three prime ministers, including his great-grandfather, grandmother and father. Still no progress??
While we watch a wooden boat ferry passengers across the Sai River in a parliamentary constituency that has been represented by Gandhi family members and a loyalist for all but one year since 1980. It gives us immense pain and anger thinking that Rahul Gandhi is unable to fulfill the promises his father made to the people of Amethi. Taking yet another example, there was a cycle factory that was inaugurated by Rajiv Gandhi in the 1980’s which closed down over the years.The farmers whose land was taken for this project have not been compensated for that yet and they had staged a protest over this.

While some girl students asked Rahul Gandhi why does Amethi lack good roads even in this modern era?? What has stopped Amethi from development? 

And the answer he gave was, “Ask this question to Modi??”

Despite being represented by Gandhi family for over 30 years Amethi is still among those backward regions in India. And the Congress Sheshzada says, ask PM Modi?? Why on earth does PM Modi need to answer this question?? Isn’t your family responsible for it? That’s enough to prove his stupidity.

Creating an outrage, in the year 2017, Farmers in Amethi had demanded that either their land that was given to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is returned or else they are provided employment. They had revolted that, if their demands were not fulfilled they would demolish the structure built there and continue to protest.

The farmers were carrying a banner stating: ‘Shame on you Rahul, return the lands of farmers’.

According to the records, UPSIDC had leased 65.57 acres of land to a company in 1986 but when the company was closed down, the Debts Recovery Tribunal got it auctioned in 2014 at Rs 20.10 crore to recover the loan.The land purchased in the auction was paid by the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust for a stamp duty of Rs 1,50,000. However, later the land auction process was termed invalid by the UPSIDC following which a Gauriganj SDM Court ordered the return of the land of the Samrat Cycle Factory to UPSIDC. Since then the land is on papers with UPSIDC but is still occupied by the Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust. The farmers have not received any compensation for their land which was used for this factory till now.
Earlier, Union Minister Smriti Irani had also accused Rahul of grabbing the land of farmers through the foundation.The Congress President has, however, always pitched for farmers’ welfare and even promised to waive their loan in his election speeches. Where do we go from here? While Mandya, Anantpur, Bilaspur, Amethi etc all looked alike 30 years ago, the first three have moved on to become modern, well developed districts with good infrastructure, wheras Amethi is left behind. What could be the reason? Well, i do not think i need to give a clarification on this.