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Wait, what? A Tesla Model 3 time-attack car? Is that a thing??

Fadu News 2018-07-12 00:59:24

By now most people know that Teslas are quick in a straight line; all their electric torque almost guarantees it. But what do you do if you want your Muskwagen to carve up some corners?

Well, if you've got a Model 3, you can call up Sasha at Mountain Pass Performance in Canada. He's already turning out suspension and brake upgrades for a car that is only just getting to market in significant numbers, but is it any good to begin with or is it like trying to make an elephant rollerskate?

Actually, according to Sasha and the gents from Speed Academy, the Model 3 has an excellent chassis. Unfortunately, that chassis is hamstrung by low-grip tires, undersized brakes and stability control that (on track, anyway) is too eager to intervene. Mountain Pass has solutions for all of these problems, and you can see how well they work in Speed Academy's video above, which documents a test session with the car.

As impressive as the testing video is, it's meaningless without context, and Mountain Pass provided plenty, with what's believed to be the Model 3's first win in a time-attack event, beating out the likes of a Porsche 981 Boxster and a Mazda RX-8, both notoriously sweet-handling cars on a track.

The fact that the Tesla Model 3, which isn't really billed as a "performance car" can outdo built-to-purpose sports cars on a track in the wet with only wheels, tires, coilovers and brakes is fairly staggering, and it makes us wonder whether it's an extra motor and more power that its upcoming factory performance version really needs.

Now we've just got to bug Mountain Pass Performance until it lets us come up to Canada and go for a rip around the track in its car.

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