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Is salt more dangerous than alcohol?

The Indian Movie Channel 2018-07-12 00:00:00

We are completely dependent on salt for our bodies, right from our muscle contractions to control systems and nerve transmissions. Salt is a necessity for us in every food that we intake. But is it possible that such small quantity of salt can have ill effects on our body?

South Africa is the highest consumer of salt

It may surprise you that our bodies react negatively to too much salt and has a direct effect on out brain, kidney and heart. The most shocking news is the fact that the overuse of salt can even cause chemical imbalances which to an extend can cause early death.

As per the WHO (World Health Organisation) on a daily basis, we should not consume more than 5g of salt. However, we generally consume up to 8g, which is enough for us suffer its ill effects. Check out the five reasons that proves how too much salt is bad for your health.


Too much intake of salt can cause swelling in knees or in our feet. At times, a little bit swelling is also seen in hands as the high sodium diet retains water in our body. It can be treated either with a prescribed diet or through proper medication.

Stomach Cancer

High consumption of processed food, such as bacon and sausages can increase the risk of stomach cancer. This harm to our stomach is more common in men in comparison to women around the World.


When you eat and immediately feel bloated, the reason behind it is salt. Since high sodium intake retains water in our body, we should thus avoid adding salt to our processed food and should prefer to add spices and herbs.


Kidneys are useful in removing waste products from our body and to produce red blood cells. However, high sodium intake along with high blood pressure can lose the ability of kidneys to filter the toxic substances in our body.

Cardiovascular disease

When the normal daily consumption of salt, which is up to 5g exceeds, it may lead to the risk of cardiovascular disease, mainly in adults. It also increases the risk of strokes.

Prevention is better than cure and so it is important for us to check the labels of our processed food next time before we consume it. Stay tuned for more Health and Lifestyle updates.