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Huawei apparently leaked Android P name: Android Pistachio

Mobile Scout 2018-07-12 00:00:00

We all know that Google likes to keep Android version's name a secret until the official public release. This is the reason we see Android enthusiasts and experts trying to decode the name through whatever means they can but sometimes, the details come from the official channels itself. Something similar has happened this time around as a Huawei customer representative accidentally spilled the Android P name to one of the customers.

As reported by a Polish publication Tabletowo, one of its readers contact the Polish Huawei customer support to know Android Oreo update status for the Huawei P9 Lite mini and P9 Lite devices. During the conversation, the representative talked about the whole update situation and accidentally mentioned "Android Pistachio" while doing so.

Android Pistachio is the same name which we have heard in different reports so far including the one from Bloomberg earlier this year. The report claimed that Google was using the name "Android Pistachio Ice Cream" internally to communicate with the developers and partners about the Android version.

If we have to choose between the two, the simple "Pistachio" sounds better as it is short but then, it is against the tradition of naming Android versions after desserts. Additionally, we have seen Google naming the Android version as something different than what it uses for internal purposes before the release. This is the reason while there is a good chance that Android P could be Android Pistachio, it still makes sense to wait and watch.