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Landed property to be recorded in favour of Gobardhan mutt, the seat of Puri Sankaracharya

webindia123 2018-07-11 00:00:00
Landed property in possession of Gobardhan mutt the seat of swamy Neeschalananda Saraswati, the sankaracharya of Puri peeth recorded in favour of the sri Jagannath temple managing body would be returned to the mutt.

The Odisha government would be moved in this regard, Puri king Dibyasingh Dev told media persons after the meeting of the sub committee on the Wednesday.

A proposal was placed by the representatives of Gobardhan mutt to arrange a separate establishment for the mutt making it free from the control of state endowment department like other three sankaracharya peethas of the country.

Puri King said they were advised to send the proposal to the state government.

The recent scrutinizing of land records revealed that thirty two acres of land in the Western side of the city along the beach belonged to the Sri Jagannath temple. The records were corrected accordingly which includes about five acres of land on which the Gobardhan mutt functions. The seer has been pleading with the administration to return the endowment to the mutt.

The temple managing body had constituted a sub-committee comprising the chief administrator, commissioner of endowments, secretary law headed by the Puri king Dibyasingh Dev to look into the issue and take steps to ensure that the property returned to mutt should not be transferred to anybody or utilized other than religiouspurpose.

Since the property has a large number of encroachers on it the committee would appraise the situation to the temple body which would send the proposal to the state government to take appropriate action for transfer of the endowment.

The State government is likely to endorse the proposal considering the importance of Sankaracharya in Hindu faith and his bond with the sri Jagannath temple.


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