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Things That Can Only Happen in India

Fadu News 2018-07-11 10:02:36

Hello guys, I welcome all of you to our Uc media Rocking India channel. This is the channel friends where you get hilarious articles everyday. Here are some funny pictures that are seen only in our country. Just keep laughing & help others to laugh by sharing this funny photo post with everyone. Let us have a look on those hilarious pictures which i brought to show you.

Ha ha ha...! I just feel like to laugh out louder looking at this funny picture guys.This is the truth of our country.

We can see over crowded buses like this in many places of our country guys.

These girls are playing holi with tomato. They invented a strange festival style. We are now copying the style of Spain

Guruji is busy meditating what to teach to the students. Ha ha ha. LOL.

This is the new method of solving the maths problem invented by our genius.

Cobra Silencer ever invented only in our country. All these jugaads can only be seen in our country guys. How many of you agree with me?

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