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3 Resistance Band Arm Moves From the Trainer That Gets Victoria's Secret Angels Fit

Pop Sugar 2018-07-11 01:20:08

P.Volve, the low-impact workout class created by trainer Stephen Pasterino (or "P" as his clients call him) that helped train the Victoria Secret's Angels for the 2017 fashion show, aims to get you a strong core and long, lean body through low-impact movements. "Smaller movements open up motion in your hips to firm the butt and slim the thigh," says P. "High-intensity is all about getting those results super fast by having you push your joints and muscles in a short amount of time — it doesn't really amount to anything."

The workout class, which I tried for the first time earlier this year, is working on a new way to tone your arms using those same small movements that got the Angels their firm and toned legs and a cool new tool P is calling, well, the P.Band ($30) — a resistance band and glove hybrid aimed at contouring the upper arm area.

The band has two fingerless gloves at both ends so it's secured around your fingers and wrists and you're free to concentrate on the program's curated moves — now integrated into the studio's signature classes — which sculpt the arm rather than add muscle to it. "If you want to gain muscle, that's where weights come in," P says. "If you're simply looking to carve the arm and tone it, you only need resistance."

As someone who has close to no upper body strength, the band is extremely appealing when compared to intimidating free weights. In barre or circuit classes, I feel myself burning out pretty quickly when using weights to work out my arms, and usually give up way before completing an entire rep. That wasn't the case with P.Band.

The band is easy to use and the moves that P guides you through are pretty simple, but not at all easy. Most of them involve keeping one or both arms completely straight and pulling your hands apart until you feel tension. Repeat the steps eight times on each side and you're pretty much good to go (and pretty exhausted). Ten minutes into the arm section and I was already working up a sweat.

No wonder the band has already gotten the stamp of approval from his clients like Blanca Padilla and Romee Strjid. "Arms are generally easy to tone if you stick to it in your regular workout," P told me. "You can start seeing a slimmer and more contoured arm in a matter of days."

If you can't make a class at P.Volve's New York City studio, no worries: P shared three of his favorite moves with us.