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Drug (Ab)use | Kashmir Reader

Kashmir Reader 2018-07-11 01:27:05

Quite often these days, news about and over the increasing incidence of illicit drug use ( or abuse) is reported in the media. Invariably, it is the young who are the victims of this menace. This is an issue that society, however, has not really woken up to. Illicit drugs and their use hollows out and destroys individuals and besides this individual impact has costs for society as well. Besides being immoral and illegal, use of these drugs can lead to other related problems like crime, social degradation, and family breakdown. The question is: why are some of your youth taking to the use of illicit drugs? The answer cannot be entirely fathomed but a few tentative reasons are: the scourge of growing unemployment, lack of opportunities thereof, psychological issues and pressures and emotional worries, among other things. While some of these like growing unemployment of educated youth do not lend themselves to easy solutions, but the fact is that drug use can be curbed. The issue is not merely that of supply. That is, a mere crackdown on those supplying and selling drugs will not resolve this menacing problem. At the end of the day, it is a social problem and therefore, society has to step in to help resolve it. First and foremost, the victims of drug abuse, that is, its consumers and users, need to be taken under the wing of society, with empathy. Second, what is of utmost importance to help them rid of these problems is professional counseling. It is through the intervention of able and astute psychiatrists that young drug abusers can be weaned away from drugs. If need be, against the backdrop of the lack of or very scarce number of professional psychiatrists in Kashmir, help can be sought from overseas. Families of victims also need to be involved in the counseling process to as to train and motivate them to help their wards off drugs. Last but not the least, prayer and seeking help from the Almighty can constitute the best antidote to the problem of drug addiction. The Muslim prayer, an intense spiritually uplifting and invigorating exercise helps an individual , among other things, overcome his or her existential issues and problems. Our youth are the future of your society. They cannot and must not be left vulnerable to the inducements of drugs and other assorted issues. It is about time that society wakes up to this grave issue and does something about it.

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