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Abu Salem rants against Indian jail to Portuguese

Asian Age 2018-06-14 04:55:00

Mumbai: A day after the Portuguese embassy officials met Abu Salem in Navi Mumbai’s Taloja jail to learn about the alleged violations of his extradition term, the gangster wrote two letters to Portuguese authorities complaining about the sorry state of his solitary-confinement cell and the lack of basic amenities in the prison. In his letter, Salem stated that he could not give anything in writing to the officials who met him in jail due to presence of CBI officers and jail authorities.

Salem has complained about everything from poor quality food, unhygienic drinking water to solitary confinement. “You would have had a clear picture before your eyes as to how they have kept me in solitary confinement. It is even worse than animals. It is very evident from the fact that even after your request, the jail authorities did not allow you to visit my cell so they could hide all the facts about my living conditions,” read the letter written by Salem, copy of which is with The Asian Age.

Salem’s complaint is not limited to his condition in jail. He has thanked the Portuguese authorities for meeting him and giving him an opportunity to inform them about the “ordeal meted out by the Indian authorities — the trial court, the state government, the central government, the High Court and the Supreme Court.”

“The main plan of Indian authorities is to keep me confined in such condition for 25 years to frustrate me so I will loose my sense and will become mad or will kill myself,” said the letter. According to Salem’s letter he is facing several skin ailments and health issues due to solitary confinement as there is no natural air, sunlight or ventilation.

Salem has claimed that not only have his rights provided under the Constitution of India been violated, but also the conditions of extradition with Portugal government have been breached. He claimed that he has been denied parole and furlough facilities and his request for parole to get married was also rejected.