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Watch Virat Kohli Stunned Reaction After Magician’s Trick

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Watch Virat Kohli Stunned Reaction After Magician’s Trick

June 12, 2018 By Thowfeeq Ahmed Leave a Comment

Indian captain Virat Kohli gave a stunned reaction when Magician Karan Singh performed a brilliant trick. Singh asked Virat to pick a name of one of his friend, family member or a teacher.

In the end, the magician was able to come up with the right name that Virat had picked in his mind. Subsequently, Virat Kohli was stunned by the trick.

The video was shot during the Indian Premier League as Virat Kohli is accompanied by RCB bowling mentor Ashish Nehra and all-rounder Chris Woakes.

“Virat, think of someone. Somebody from your childhood which no way anyone could know. Like a friend you remember having or a teacher. Already thought?,” he asks Virat, to which the RCB skipper says yes.

“Imagine he is a cricketer, and you are playing with him, he is playing for one of the IPL teams. imagine his name and imagine shouting the name really loud. can you spell the name in your head,” Singh asks Virat?

Karan then asks Virat Kohli if the middle letter of the first name is Y, to which Kohli nods in confirmation. Then the magician asks the first letter of the second name is N.

Subsequently, Karan writes the name, Piyush Nagpal on his phone and shows it to the people around. The magician then showed the same name to Virat Kohli which left the Indian captain shocked.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli is recuperating from the neck injury. He had suffered a blow to his neck against Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL. Thus, Indian captain had to miss out on his County stint with Surrey. Ajinkya Rahane will lead in place of Kohli in the historic Test match against Afghanistan.


Watch Virat Kohli Stunned Reaction After Magician’s Trick

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