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Top 5 High-tech cool gadgets

Ck Tech 2018-06-12 11:41:07

1. Invisible watch

       The new innovative Invisible technology Introducing the Invisible Watch We have created the new generation of the screen on the watch, making it black, that way the watch looks that is turd off , so no one will get suspicious . Also we have make unique glasses , which are allowing you to see the content on the black screen, that way only you will be able to see the hidden content on the watch And to everybody around you the watch will look that is turned off Glasses are Unisex , made with High Quality , the frame of the glasses look as it is a for a real prescription glasses, and the lens are bit dimmed, there is no diopter on the lens The glasses comes with the case and patch The watch is our Easy studding V.2 model , it just has a special black screen for more info bout the watch click hear IMPORTANT !! YOU ARE UNABLE TO SEE THE CONTENT OF THE WATCH WITHOUT GLASSES. The glasses and the watch are included in the INVISIBLE EDITION package The package Contains - Easy studding V.2 -USB cable -Manual -Headphones - Box -24kupi Glasses -Case -patch Soon we will have more invisible devices available in offer

2. Planet Computer

    At Planet Computers, we are passionate about typing, writing, being productive and creating on the go.
Since the introduction of touchscreen mobile phones and tablets, we felt that it is very difficult to type on these types of devices. On-screen keyboards often take up more than half the readable screen. We want to get back to typing on a fully tactile keyboard whilst being able to view the entire screen. All this on a device no larger than most modern mobile phones.

We decided to re-invent the palm-sized keyboard mobile device that will benefit many, who we think are missing using the keyboard on the move. From bloggers and creatives that need to constantly write, to professionals who need to read and write e-mail, create and edit documents and spreadsheets.

3. Lightcam

      With the Uniden LightCam 35 HD Stand-Alone Wi-Fi Camera, you can replace your basic motion sensor light with a motion detecting light and Wi-Fi surveillance system. This camera has ideal lighting and surveillance for the backyard, front yard, entry door, side of house, walkway, shed, driveway and detached garages. Remote access from your smartphone or tablet makes it easy to check in no matter where you are.

4. GPS Tracker

      Do not be left guessing where your loved ones and valuable assets are when you are away. Know for sure with the STI GL300 real time GPS tracker from SpyTec. Whether you want to track a suspicious spouse, a teenagers vehicle, an elderly parent, or valuable equipment at your company, this tracker is the perfect choice. At only 8 ounces and 3 inches in length, the device is small enough to fit almost anywhere. An available waterproof magnetic case lets you easily attach the GL300 to any vehicle or asset, and an available belt holster lets you easily track a person. Cutting edge GPS satellite technology ensures a tight fix on the trackers location for top-class accuracy. The 3 axis accelerometer improves accuracy with motion detection. With available location updates every 5 seconds, you would not miss a thing. Access customizable tracking reports and Google Maps from any device (PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone). Get text or email alerts when the person or item you are tracking leaves a geographic area (geofencing). Device stores data for up to a year and has a battery life of two weeks (longer when used periodically). 


5. Wireless Bluetooth speaker

      Also work great with iPhonex 6 sirix, Samsung s-Voice, Google music, Pandora and more!Auto -Pairing allows for easy connection to your Bluetooth-EnabLED device. You can now listen to crystal clear audio streaming from any Bluetooth enabLED device to this wireless speaker.In addition to enjoying music and streaming audio, phone calls can also be answered from speaker.This speaker is designed for use in wet location but it should not be immersed in water. Perfect for use in the shower. Great for kids when taking a bath, as well as outdoor use including boating, camping, hiking, kayaking, paddle-Boarding and biking.