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New Whatsapp Beta for Android can ease your life: Here's how

Newsheads 2018-06-11 17:09:00
New ‘Forwarded’ label in WhatsApp

New Delhi : There is good news for Whatsapp users. The free messaging app has started labelling messages as ‘forwarded’ in its new update for Android beta users. WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.18.179 ends perplexity between the regular and forwarded ones by labelling “forwarded” messages. The ‘forwarded’ label will be added to both the sender’s and recipient’s messages. The feature is now available to all the beta users of the Android platform while a broader level of Android stable build, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms is expected soon.

How to add ‘Forwarded’ label in WhatsApp

To see the newly added ‘Forwarded’ label, all you need to do is long-tap on a message in a chat, the particular message could be yours or the recipient’s. A few options will appear on top, where the contact name is shown. Now, tap on the right arrow denoting forward, followed by a tap on the contact, you want to forward the message to. After this, you need to tap on the Send icon at the bottom to send the messages. You can now jump to any of the chats that you forwarded the message to see the ‘Forwarded’ label.

This new WhatsApp update aims to create no issues when a user forwards a message to some contact. Earlier, there was no such indicator to differentiate between both the kinds of messages. While for some, this update doesn’t seem a good option as people might not like it as they don’t want their contacts to identify them as the ones who forward all the messages.

Last month, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that that allows you to send a voice message with ‘locked recording’. With update on WhatsApp, you can send voice recording with your hands being free. Before, in case you wanted to send a voice message, you need to hold an icon inside the chat. Now before the update comes in, you could still send a voice message on WhatsApp by opening ‘Audio’ in the attached file tab.

Enjoy Messaging!