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Nurses: A voice to lead – Health is a human right

The Sangai Express 2018-05-17 13:11:00

Dr Y Sundary, RIMSH
(Contd from yesterday)
There should be the vibrant Nursing administrator while giving recognition to the establishment of new schools and colleges, try not to compromise at any point that could land up to the quality compromise of the Nursing professional in the future. Nurses role is a multi dimensional approaches with the noble guided nurturing. The duty of a Nurse is not only carrying out daily routine of the patient care services but also some thing very important duty that is the Nurses’ duty should be towards patients rights, responsibilities and respect. The fundamental birth right of the patient to be kept up right. It happens in the year 2004 Oct end or Nov. Beginning. My dad under went hellers myotomy in CMC Vellore hospital. CMC is one of the oldest missionary hospital in the country and it is also very famous for the best Nursing care service apart from the well trained cultured Doctors. It was the first post operative early morning day. A junior surgeon came and asked me. Did the night sister suctioned the drainage( my dad was on gastric drainage) my answer was no. Soon after the doctor went and came with the Charged Nurse (Nursing sister) said to me and “Why have you reported wrongly to the Doctor ? I was so shocked to see the role of a charged Nurse but the Doctor interrupted and asked the Charge Nurse to call the night sisters . The Doctor suctioned and removed the gastric content simultaneously. After some time the charge nurse with the team of nurses including two night shift staffs approached me and tried to cover the topic as if I have committed a mistake and there was a bit argument between but one surprise answer I heard from the night shift Nurse was “I have done my job”. She was right she had done her job but she compromised the rights of the patient and the care which was very much essential. The right of the patient care was not given to my father and the night shift Nurses’ duty towards the patient was also missing. Such right of the patient has to be met by the Nurses at any cost. The Nursing profession is not a job, it is a profession and always the professional ethics should be governed by the Nurses. The Nurses’ right and duties toward the authority and towards the patient care concern should always be kept respected. The cost of treatment in the private sector is reaching up to the sky and how our poor friends are able to get treatment from it . At this juncture there should be specific plan or scheme on health facilities which everyone can access whenever they need . No one should be deprived from the health facilities which land up to death. In this regard the govt. should also plan in such a way that every Indian would be able to get at their door steps. Indias’ total budget allocation on health is very less comparatively with developed countries. In Manipur the total budget allocation on health is like putting salt in Loktak lake. In order to meet the demand of the health facilities there is need to change the plan and the policies by the policy makers. Whatever may be the newer plan and it may be the new theme on any occasion/observation it is just a slogan and nothing is going to change until and unless it makes task force to implement it. A scheme called Chief Ministergi Hakshelgi Tengbang, Manipur is very impressive and appreciable steps on providing help to the really needed person. And hope to bring new theories and finding how to minimise the treatment costs in the private sectors. RIMS has introduced new health treatment schemes like free investigations, free medicines and other related materials for the treatment. The institute is also performing all the routine/emergency operations without any charge in general wards. But the strength of Nursing care provider is very less according to the requirement of Nurse patient ratio as per Indian Nursing Council and Indian Medical Council. The top most post of Nursing service i,e Chief Nursing Officer (1 post), Nursing superintendents posts (4 posts), Deputy Nursing superintendent (9 posts) are lying vacant since many months and years. At this juncture how the Nursing service would be commendable. The rights of the patient are compromised due to such shortage of manpower or failing to fill up the vacant posts. Due to the shortage of needed materials supply and unavailable stocks would hamper the progress of patients recovery. The prolong stay in the hospital may land up in worsening the economy and many other associated symptoms in the family. Let us hope for the best out of best patient care services among the nations, states and my local clinics too by providing needed facilities with affordable fees. (Concluded)