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Python weighing 50 kg trapped in duck cage

Matrubhumi 2018-05-17 10:41:00
Python trapped inside duck cage

Kaduthuruthy: A python got trapped inside a bird cage while trying to catch ducks. The giant snake sneaked into the duck cage at Padinjarekkuttu Sasidharan’s house in Ezhumanthuruthu in the wee hours of Wednesday.

A cow reared by Sasidharan’s neighbour happened to fall down on the ground at the break of dawn. Sasidharan and others helped the cow and while returning from there he heard the ducks quacking loudly.

When they turned on the torchlight, the python was found swallowing the ducks. Though the locals caught the snake using a hook, it had already swallowed a duck and was trying to kill another one by knocking on them with its tail.

The natives informed the incident to Kaduthuruthy police and the forest officers arrived and carried the python away. The snake weighing about 50 kg is believed to have come from the Kariyar river nearby.