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Wealth Accumulate but Men Decay!

Rajsons123 2018-05-17 11:01:42


According to G. B. Shaw, there was a time when pinmakers knew three traded: buying, making and selling. The making required several operations. They not only knew how the things was made, but could do it. However the pin then was not cheap.

By the end of the 18th century, it took 18 men to make a pin,each men doing a little bit of the job and passing the pin on to the next. But they did not know how to make a whole pin. They became less capable and knowledgeable than the old pinmakers.

The men could produce five thousand pins a day. The reason was that by setting each man to do just one bit of work and nothing but that over and over again, he became very quick at it. Pins became plentiful and cheap. But it turned capable men into mere machines doing their work without interference.

Now a days, machines of steel produce pins by the hundred million. Modern worker in pin manufacture need not be one-tenth as intelligent as the old pin maker. This man deteriorated. Therefore Goldsmith said, "Wealth accumulates and men decay".