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Learn about Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery

Kannada NEWS 2018-05-17 09:47:29

Batchelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery-

 It is branch of medicine which contains traditional medicine.. It is about 5000 years old treatment method. It is originated in India. Many आचार्य  written Ayurveda. It is a life science.

BAMS is a professional course. This course is of 5 and half year course. It contains 4 and half year college then 1 year compulsory internship. Then after passing all four year subjects student will become Ayurveda आचार्य.

First year subjects-

  1. Sanskrit
  2. पदार्थ विज्ञान एवं आयुर्वेद इतिहास
  3. शरीरक़्रिया विज्ञान (Physiology)
  4. शरिर रचना विज्ञान (Anotomy)
  5. अष्टांग हृदय

Second year subjects-

  1. द्रव्यगुण विज्ञान
  2. अंगद  तत्र
  3. रसशास्त्र एवं भैषज्य कल्पना
  4. चरक संहिता पुव्राद्र

Third year subject are-

  1. रोग निदान एवं विक़ुत विज्ञान
  2. स्वसथव्रत् and योगा
  3. प्रसुति तत्र स्त्रीरोग
  4. बालरोग
  5. चरक संहिता उत्तरार्ध

Fourth year subjects are-

  1. शल्यतत्र
  2. शालक्य तत्र
  3. काय चिकित्सा
  4. पंचकर्म
  5. Research methodology

First year to third year duration is 3 years. Fourth year is one and half year. After passing fourth year student must attend internship at college hospitals. After that he will become Ayurveda Acharya.Then he can treat the patients.

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