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Maharashtra government to upgrade SSC students’ syllabus

Free Press Journal 2018-05-17 07:50:50

Mumbai: Students of state-run schools will now get an opportunity to study improvised curriculum from this academic year. An ‘introductory system’ has been introduced in the syllabus to upgrade the curriculum which will help students revise what they have learnt the previous years.

Students will have a recap or introduction of chapters or lessons of previous years. This means when students are promoted to Class 4 they will have an introduction of lessons of Class 3. This will help students to maintain connect, revise lessons of previous years and strengthen their base.

The upgraded curriculum will focus on the ‘Spiral method of learning’. Vinod Tawde, state education minister of school and higher secondary education, said, “This spiral method will help maintain continuity as it will give students a chance to revise what they have learnt in their previous academic year. It is not a repetition of chapters but it will foster a link for students to revise their learning, study further concepts and strengthen their basics.”

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The curriculum will be practical, conceptualised and focussed on learning methods. A senior official of Maharashtra Board said, “This is an introductory system which will give students a revision or flashback of what they have learnt. Along with focussing on future concepts they will provide an introduction of previous syllabus.”

Schools have welcomed this move claiming the upgradation will help students. Swati Mahadik, a teacher said, “Students often forget what they have learnt in previous years and then tend to move ahead by rote learning. Revision of syllabus will help students to form a solid foundation by clearing all doubts about their basic concepts. This will then help students to grow ahead and adopt different methods of learning across different curriculum.”

This upgradation of curriculum also aims to improve the methodology, learning and teaching of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) board. It will help students to progress and excel in state board instead of opting and shifting to other private boards.


Spiral Learning is a teaching method based on the premise that a student learns more about  a subject each time the topic is reviewed or encountered. The idea is that every time a student encounters the topic, the student expands his/her knowledge or improves his/her skill level.