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Green Land School stinks as trash piles up nearby

The Tribune 2018-05-17 02:04:00
Students, teachers complain of foul smell, mosquito bites
Garbage dumped near Green Land Public School in Ludhiana on Wednesday. Photo: Ashwani Dhiman

The garbage dump near Green Land Public School, Chandigarh Road, has become a nuisance for the students, staff and parents of the students studying at the school. The open garbage dump is often set on fire, which creates difficulty for students and teachers in the classrooms. The situation further aggravates due to absence of toilets in the area. People urinate in the open, which also adds to the stench in the area. Water gets collected in the open ground along the dump, which becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and remains a threat to the students. One of the teachers of the school, said, it has become a big nuisance in the vicinity of the school. During the rains there is a foul smell which disrupts studies at the school. It creates disturbance as even plastic carry bags from the dumps get blown on the premises during windy days. A senior faculty member said the school has complained about the problem to authorities concerned. “Garbage near the school causes problems. Sometimes it is set on fire and the foul smell from burning garbage emanates all over. It makes sitting in class uncomfortable.” “In order to deal with garbage problem we are setting up an automatic garbage compactor. Then, there will be no garbage in the entire area. It will be set up soon, as the details have already been finalised,” said Vanit Bhatia, councillor, Ward No. 18

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