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NNC observes 67th Naga plebiscite anniv

Nagaland Post 2018-05-17 01:06:00
Adinno addressing the gathering during 67th anniversary of the Naga plebiscite at peace camp Chedema on Wednesday. (NP)
Naga National Council (NNC) observed the Naga plebiscite’s 67th anniversary with NNC president, Adinno Phizo addressing the gathering in a programme held at peace camp Chedema under Kohima district on Wednesday. Adinno, in her address said that it was the 67th anniversary of the Naga voluntary plebiscite in which Nagas participated with great enthusiasm in Kohima on May 16, 1951. She said that the leadership of the NNC president A.Z. Phizo made it possible for the Nagas to uphold their rights under many circumstance. Adinno stated that when a copy of the Naga plebiscite was delivered to the first Indian Prime Minister, Nehru, he was outraged and issued a “dead or alive” order putting a price on Phizo’s head and sent his armed forces to Nagaland. According to her, it was only to show that some Nagas were with him that he immediately arranged the present “puppet” Nagaland state government with the power of money. Adinno said that Nagas were not demanding anything from India and Nagas were living in their own country. The Nagas, she said, had no connection with India at any time and their first contact was in May 1947 when their representatives from the constituent assembly came to Kohima and spoke to NNC inviting them join the Indian union, but NNC had categorically refused. She said that after that incident they produced the “nine point agreement” but the word “agreement” was wrong. The NNC president said it was good to see that young people were concerned about the present situation. She reminded the people that NCC was not a political group but it was the voice of the Nagas and it keeps watch over the situation for the good of the people and the governmental executive power was vested in the federal government of Nagaland, which controls the nation. Attacking the NSCN (I-M), Adinno said that at present the Indian government was using the I-M to divide the country. Some of them had very little knowledge about Naga history but they had signed the “framework agreement” more than two years ago keeping it a secret, which, she said, was not good sign. She shared about the Naga’s history with the British -- how Nagas refused to sign a written treaty when the British decided to make peace with the Nagas on March 27, 1880 at Mezoma village. Adinno said that there was no common history between Nagaland and India and therefore to term the Naga situation as a “political problem” was wrong. Referring to the Naga voluntary plebiscite, she pointed out that almost 100% of the people had declared that they do not want to join India; but soon after, India invaded Nagaland unexpectedly. However the challenge did not frighten the Nagas, she stated, but rose to defend their country. She reminded the people gathered that the war went on for almost ten years from 1954-1964 till the ceasefire agreement was signed between the FGN and the GOI in May 1964. Gen. (Retd) Viyalie Metha Kedahge, FGN, in his address said that during Phizo’s time he alone walked from village to village and worked hard for the Nagas and almost every Naga agreed with his principle. Metha said Phizo made many sacrifices for the Nagas without ambition for leadership but worked for the love of the Naga nation.  He also shared the details how NNC was formed and the reasons it broke away. Ninety seven year old A.Z. Puni, a co-worker of A.Z. Phizo, and F.P Solo also addressed the gathering.  The programme was led by Lolezo Chase CEC NNC, Bible reading and prayer said by Rev. Savito Nagi, a special song were presented by Old Minister Hill Women Prayer Fellowship Kohima and Chedema Baptist youth while the closing prayer was said by Sano Vamuzo. The programme was attended by the rank and file of NNC and FGN, public and others.