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Microsoft plans to take on iPad with low-cost Surface tablets

Fast Co.Exist 2018-05-16 13:00:35

The software giant is planning to release a new line of low-cost Surface tablets as early as the second half of 2018, Bloomberg reports. The move is aimed at taking market share from Apple’s iPad, which dominates the lower-cost tablet market. Microsoft’s new tablets are rumored to feature 10-inch screens and feature USB-C connections. They’ll be priced around $400, according to sources.

Back in 2012, Microsoft did offer a lower-cost tablet called the Surface RT, but it didn’t hit with consumers. Since then, Microsoft has positioned its Surface devices for the business and professional markets. Apple is the dominant player in the tablet market and makes iPads ranging from $329 in price all the way up to over a $1,000 with the iPad Pro. Last year Apple sold almost $20 billion in iPads, whereas Microsoft’s professional Surface line sold just $4.4 billion.