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‘S’ company of 5 youths say 'yes' to business for a cause

Matrubhumi 2018-05-16 13:55:00

Mukkam: Five youths hailed from Chennamangallur of Malappuram started tapioca farming at Mini Punjab 7 years ago as a leisure time activity. They spared the time after work in the field till dusk. Now, it has grown into a successful venture named ‘S’ Company and has diversified into transportation business with 3 private buses in the name ‘Punjabi’ in three different routes, two barber shops, fish sale and installment business of equipments.

The company was named ‘S’ because the names of all the five begins with the letter S – Sajmeer, Sathar, Saseendran, Sahir and Sajeed. When they started tapioca farming, the wholesale seller offered them mere Rs 8 for one kilogram. Thus they sold it directly to local customers for Rs 15 and earned a profit of Rs 7 per kg. When they started farming, the evening hangouts was replaced with farm work.

They do not take any share of the profit from the businesses for personal needs. Instead, they prefer to invest it on another business. Thus they owned 3 buses and started service in Mukkam-Chennamangallur route where transportation facilities were rare. 10 families of the bus employees are surviving with this venture.

The team also manage fish business in Mini Punjab market. Since they are bringing fish directly from Puthiyappa, it has high demand. The fish sale is managed by the two of them who come back early from work. The profit earned from the business is deposited in the bank next day.

The ‘S’ company also initiated to make a well for Attupuram natives who were facing drinking water scarcity for years. When the contractors hesitated to take up the work of municipality, these active young men came forward and completed it successfully. All of their ventures aim at employing the jobless youth and the development of their place.