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An all screen front with almost 100% screen to body ratio

EOTO 2018-05-15 00:27:02

The on-set of bezel-less devices is a much appreciated one. With Xiaomi‘s Mi Mix series finally bringing such initiatives to commercial devices, we can expect the same from a lot of other OEMs. The Lenovo Z5 seems to be the next device in line to sport a bezel-less display.

We receive new information about Lenovo new device which is set to sport a screen to body ratio of nealy 100%. It has already been difficult to exceed 95% due to necessary space for camera, earpiece and other sensors. The sketch doesn’t show any details about button or camera placement. We can see simple antenna bands on the top and bottom.

The display seems to cover the entire length and breadth of the front of the device. The display is extended by rounded edges on all sides. The only detail revealed about the phone is the possible implementation of Synthetic aperture.

Synthetic aperture radar can help establish high resolution images with relatively smaller antennas on a device. The mention of patented technologies may suggest implementation of few more industry first technologies to put the camera, earpiece and other sensors without alotting special space for them.

Will all these sit beneath the display? And it is too soon to say or too crazy to imagine a phone which can capture front facing images without a camera. Everything will be cleared next month. June 14 is the date set and Lenovo’s VP, Chang Cheng can finally explain this image/sketch and tell us more about how they’ve achieved such a high screen to body ratio.