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Snake bite signs and solutions

NEWS HOT 2018-05-13 20:07:24

Snake bite signs and solutions

The snake bite is in the look of a small point on the body. The snake bite begins to inactivate the body in few minutes.

These lead to death. The oxidation varies depending on each pump. Depending on which snake bite your death will be.


  • The first symptom is the pain immediately after the snake bite.
  • Two point injuries. Sometimes there is only one point.
  • Inflammation occurs in the snake bite.
  • In the snake bite, irritability and redness appear.
  • The color of the skin changes the skin color.
  • A snake bite may cause diarrhea, fever, stomach pain and headache.
  • Respiratory disorders, nausea, viscosity and fatigue occur.
  • Blood pressure is very low.


The first aid takes time to do more. So at this time try to extinguish poison by pressing the snake bite or extinguish the poisons using a machine such as boiling calories. Please do not take the poison and get rid of the poison.

Some tools can be used to get rid of the poison from the snake bite to absorb the poison by mouth.

First aid and treatment:

You must know what type of snake bite before first aid.

  • The snake bite should be above the heart. If the bite on the leg is lifted off the leg.
  • Strengthen the nerves from the snake bite to the heart with the rope.
  • The snake bite should be calm. Blood pressure and stress both spread poisons throughout the body.
  • Before getting medical help, chop the chicken and leave it in a baking place.
  • Please do not try to get rid of the poison and get rid of the poison. The snake bite should not sleep.
  • If you have H 2 O 2 (hydrogen peroxide), apply the injury.
  • There is nothing in our hands that we should trust in medical treatment.
  • Doctors should be treated as quickly as possible.