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HSE report reveals untold story of harms caused by other people’s drinking

News Summed Up 2018-04-16 05:30:00

The report, 'The Untold Story: Harms Experienced in the Irish Population due to Others’ Drinking' highlights the fact that the harm from other people’s drinking can affect a wide range of relationships in a person’s life – family and friends, children, work colleagues and strangers. It also reveals that half of all people living in Ireland have felt harassed, afraid or unsafe because of someone else's drinking. Children are particularly vulnerable to harm from other people’s drinking, be it within the family, among family members or in the wider community in which they live. Prof. Room said: “For many years, the focus in discussing harms from drinking was on harms suffered by the drinker. Prof. Barry said: “This report provides solid evidence that harms to others from drinking are at least as widespread and of comparable magnitude to the harms to drinkers themselves.”