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Is R.O. Water Really Able To Kill You

BAKBAKIA 24/7 2018-04-16 19:59:45

Today we are scared about our drinking water, especially the technology used to purify it, that is R.O. (reverse osmosis).One question, that is sticking in our mind ''is R.O. water is safe for drinking or not'' because it is questioned by many researchers.

The answer to this question is concealed in the working method of R.O.

Raw water contains T.D.S.(total dissolved solids) which is the aggregate of both good and bad elements, but R.O. has no intelligence to identify good or bad and it removes both in equal proportion.

But when we ask this question ''can we drink R.O. water'', the answer of this question is still yes, because though R.O. is removing some good minerals from water but it also removing many bad elements like- lead, arsenic, heavy metals and harmful bacteria etc.

If you really want to make your drinking water safer, just try to follow these simple tips:-

1. Make sure your R.O. contains mineral cartridge and if not, install it separately it doesn't cost much.

2. 100-150 is a good amount of T.D.S. which is neither too low nor high, make sure your R.O. is giving T.D.S. in this range because much lower T.D.S. is not good for you.

3. A healthy diet which contains minerals and other nutrients is an essential thing because we can't just rely on water to fulfill all essential minerals.

I hope this article will able to give the simple answer to that confusing question.