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Union chief upbeat on prospects for deal in German wage talks

News Summed Up 2018-04-15 05:30:00

Negotiators for both Germany’s public sector unions and employers signaled a willingness to compromise at the start of a third round of wage talks on Sunday, after more than 150,000 union members joined in warning strikes last week. Employers have rejected that demand as too high, but said it was clear that public sector workers should benefit from strong growth in Europe’s largest economy. “I hope we can get to a reasonable solution,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, leading the negotiations for the federal government, told reporters. Seehofer underscored the importance of public sector workers for German society, but declined to give details of the government’s counter-proposal. Thomas Boehle, president of the VKA association of local employer organizations, told reporters that he also expected movement on the wage issue in coming days.