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Shoes clean tips for men and women

MY MOTHER 2018-04-16 17:31:45

Whether it is a brand or a piece of shoes, there will be stains in it. As a result, after a few days, the shoe has lost its charm to the list of cancellations. But no more. Tips to keep shoes fresh - 'another time' -

Tips 1- Use Veseline

Veseline use is the best way to remove stains of any black shoe. Blur it with a small amount of VSLIN where it has been stained. As long as the scars are removed, rub it off. You will see the spots disappear in a little bit. Much like magic. As a result, the shoes will be like new

Tips 2- Leather Shoe Hair Conditioner

Favorite leather shoes look so bad? There is no need to buy expensive shoes polis for this. Rather use your hair conditioner a bit differently. Slowly lighten with a small amount of hair conditioner in soft clothes. This is because naturally hydrations are required as a result of leather shoes. So hair conditioner is the best option in this case.

Tips 3- Erase the stain from the snicker

It is known that Magic Eraser is available to buy pen ink. But this rubber has another role. This eraser also plays an important role in staining your favorite snicker. If there is any stain on the sneaker, remove the stain from the eraser, just as the pen ink from the book. There will be shoes in this boat as new

Tips 4- Sued shoes for rubber too

Use pencil rubber to remove stains from Sueed Shoe. But it is better to use white rubber in this case. Rub the rubber on any stain or dust. The scar will be removed easily and the favorite shoe will not be available in the cancellation table.

Tips 5- Olive oil for rubber boots

The dust on the rubber boots becomes white spots, which is too bad to see, so that the shoe is also canceled. In that case, this cancellation is no more. Rather, rub them with little olive oil instead. Losing the shoe in this boat will easily get back to you.

Tips 6- Polished occasionally

Do not wait to make the shoe dirty. Rather than polish the shoe occasionally. The thing is durable for a long time when it comes to proper care. So take your favorite shoes out of the cupboard and take care of her.

Tips 7- Brush back home

Your shoes all day fight against more dirt than you. So do not forget to brush your shoes as you are tired of returning home. After use, brush the dust after brushing and then put it in the cupboard.

Tips 8- Do not leave out

There is enough dust in the house too. Do not leave shoes in the house as well. Instead, put the shoes on paper and keep it in the cupboard. It will be good for the health of the shoes.