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Huge Demand form Actress to Free From Casting Couch

Adya News 2018-04-16 17:20:38

A meeting conducted at the Khairatabad Press Club, actress, lady activists, NGOs have met with Sri Reddy as the principle host to discuss the copying issue of casting Couch. Sri Reddy stated, “This is an issue of numerous ladies. This isn’t only my concern. These sort of lewd behavior issues have turned out to be ordinary and basic towards Telugu ladies in our Industry. We need to battle and Goverment should help us. On-screen character Apoorva who has been reverberating help to Sri Reddy stated, We are here altering and acting in silver screens in such a coldblooded domain since we don’t have different employments. Enormous performing artists don’t generally think and discuss these issues. Entire Film Industry should approach and kill this one. Woman Activist from POW association stated, “We have been hearing part of comparable protests to what Sri Reddy has brought up in couple of weeks.

This is a gigantic issue and Goverment should set up a without toll number for ladies to contact and directky record charges against such men. A performing artist Shruthi couldn’t keep down her tears. She stated, “Indian Government is stating Swatcch Bharat ought to be drilled all over the place. Be that as it may, we go to watch places where are there are no lavatories or even places where we can assuage ourselves. We require changes in such treatment.

Numerous vultures go after us and after that, say that we look fat and we are unfit for parts, subsequent to making a few guarantees. Such individuals ought to be dragged to prisons. Numerous ladies reverberated just a single feeling that will be that the casting Couch should end and individuals should bolster them in their battle. They requested that Telangana Government see this issue uncommonly and help them. In a progression of tweets, Ram Gopal Verma applauded Sri Reddy as a Great individual looking at her Ashoka, The Great King of India.

Those censuring Ms SriReddy on how she can extend herself as a social lobbyist now,when in her past she did such deeds and dialect she utilized, are not understanding that a difference in heart is the thing that made even the despot lord Ashoka awesome .Ashoka the king,killed numerous individuals and after that he had a difference in heart and turned into a rescuer of lakhs of individuals and that is the reason I think MsSriReddy is as Great as Ashoka the Great .

Men are currently excessively frightened, making it impossible to confront the genuineness of @MsSriReddy and every one of the ladies who are talking against her are only desirous of her. Genuine honest and true ladies will just take after Sri Stree Shakti .