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Fake Doctor Caught at AIIMS

Northeast Today 2018-04-16 14:48:14

In a recent letter to the authorities of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) showed concern over an imposter on the campus, impersonating a junior resident doctor. The concerned doctors released his pictures online, after which the hospital’s security caught hold of the impersonator identified as ‘Adnan Khurram’ from Bihar on Saturday and handed him over to the police.

From the identity cards recovered from the fake doctor, it was revealed that he belongs to village Baradi Bairiya in East Champaran district and was currently residing at Batla House in Jamia Nagar. Khurram was even carrying a booklet of AIIMS, which can only be possessed by the doctors of the institute, with his name in it.

“He used the platform and name of RDA, AIIMS to attend different political and medical events. We started doubting his credentials and then we found that he is not from any of our departments,” wrote Dr Abhishek Singh, vice-president, Resident Doctors’ Association, AIIMS.

“As AIIMS consists of at least 2,000 resident doctors, it is very difficult to know each and every person personally. He somehow continued his fraudulent activity and associated himself with the RDA,” he said.

Once caught, it turned out that the imposter is not an AIIMS doctor and not even a medical student elsewhere. He had an Aadhaar card from Bihar. The doctors have shown apprehensions as such cases are becoming regular where commoners are being caught as fake doctors inside the hospital premises.

He has been handed over to the police and a legal action under sections 419 and 468 of the Indian Penal Code has been taken.

In February this year, an institutional FIR was lodged by AIIMS after a fake doctor was noticed at the main surgical emergency pretending to be a faculty of the Trauma Centre Orthopedics Department. The incident raised concerns about the security at the country’s largest medical institution.