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Robert De Niro's Mueller Scorches 'Focker' Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller) On 'SNL'

News Summed Up 2018-04-15 05:30:00

Ben Stiller’s Michael Cohen got the grilling of his life via lie detector administered by special counsel Robert Mueller played by Robert De Niro in cameos that thrilled the audience in “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open. The face-off was a twisted take on the film “Meet the Parents” when De Niro’s character gets to know his soon-to-be son-in-law, Greg Focker, played by Stiller. Once again, Stiller, this time playing Donald Trump’s attorney, is strapped to a polygraph. “I’ll start with some easy ones: How did ya like the pee pee tape?” De Niro asks “I’m kidding! At the start of the cold open, he admits to Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) and Mike Pence (Beck Bennett): “I’m Donald Trump’s lawyer.