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Pear tree bears "red apple"?

freshplaza 2018-03-14 19:28:59

These marvelous trees were introduced by professor Zhang Shaoling, director of the Pear Technology Research Center at Nanjing Agricultural University and a prominent scientist in the technological systems for pear production in China. He explained that these pear trees will bear fruit that looks like apples, even though the fruit actually is a genuine pear. This is the new variety--"peaceful rosy cloud" that was cultivated in the Pear Research Center of Nanjing Agricultural University. "Peaceful rosy cloud" will have oblate fruit with a glossy skin that shows traces of rosy clouds. The fruit flesh will be tender and juicy with a sweet and sour taste. Whether on the outside or the inside, this fruit resembles an apple.

This kind of pear with rosy skin is still relatively rare in China. It is mainly distributed over the highlands of China's northwest and southwest. The Research Center tried to bring red pears to Nanjing many years ago, but the weather conditions were not suitable. It rained too much and there was insufficient sunlight. The trees produced fruit, but it lacked the characteristic red skin. The taste was also too sour.