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Agora is The Greatest Yet the Least Acknowledged Contribution from Greece

Wittyfeed 2018-03-13 12:01:45

Let's go way back in the time to 8th Century BC, when the Greeks, who weren't in the clutches of slavery, would gather in a central public space to hear announcements from the ruling king or council. And this very central space was known as Agora. 

While the literal meaning of Agora in Greek is  "gathering place" or "assembly", back then it was much more than just that.

I understand how history classes to most of us were a torture, but believe me this lesson today wouldn't bore you for even a second. 

Come on, let's explore ancient Greek history a little, so that Santorini and Zach Galifianakis are not the first names to come to your mind, when someone asks you about Greece

Agora is the same word from where Agoraphobia originated.


The Agora was the hub for every activity in the concerned city, including arts, sports, politics and spiritual beliefs. As it gained popularity, it also served as a marketplace for merchants to expand their business. However, the main reason it was celebrated so much was that it gave citizens a platform to express, speak and influence the lives of others. Not to mention, that a word has been derived from the name of this place, Agoraphobia. This word typifies as a phobic condition where people become apprehensive if things go out of control in an unfamiliar environment. But we have a solution for that. Here's a platform that sets you free from Agoraphobia.

TEDxRTU: Your very own Agora


Some students from Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) were so influenced by the concept by Agora, that they made one such arena for themselves. 

On 17th March, 2017, TEDxRTU is giving you an opportunity to witness 9 magnificent speakers from various domains of life who will share stories of their inspirational journeys and world-changing work. So mark the date and don't miss out on this one. To get more details of this event, make sure you check their Facebook and Instagram pages.