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Land Rover outshines Ferrari on Tianmen road

Newsheads 2018-03-13 17:00:00

New Delhi : Think of a sports car and what comes to mind is a red Ferrari, famous for its sporty design, speed and agility.

Does Land Rover outshined Ferrari recently?

Land Rover outshines Ferrari on Tianmen road

According to China News, on Sept 21, 2016, Fabio Barone, the president of the ‘Red Passion’ official fan club,  completed a stretch of 11.3kms on Tianmen Mountain in 11 minutes, 31 seconds. Fabio drove a modified Ferrari 458 italia.

An SUV from Land Rover outperformed the supercar Ferrari 458 italia when Le Mans class-winner and Jaguar Racing test driver Ho-Pin Tung drove the new 575PS RangeRover Sport SVR and benchmarked new record on same Tianmen Road in 9mins 51 seconds.

Tianmen is one of the most difficult roads to push the accelerator; it has 99 turns to make it one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Watch video of the rare feat below: