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Seeing the abs of this actress everyone says, Wow! What is fitness

Rk Technical 2018-03-13 12:39:52

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Actress Abhishek's Bollywood Bollywood star Katrina is also one of the actresses we are talking about today. This actress is "Yeh Rishta Kya called" serial Akshara means Hina Khan .

Hina Khan logos like many in this serial and then ' Big Boss has appeared as a participant in -11 ". Hina Khan takes special care of your fitness. 
You can guess this as if Hina had only lost 7 kg for Big Boss Show.

Hina performs different types of exercises to keep herself fit. Like a video of Hina was viral in which she was taking 40 kilos of weight and doing ni squats.

Not only does  exercise, such as step up , nie-up, trax, also keep your body fit.

When Katrina came to the Big Boss Show, Katrina also praised Hina's Abes. Talking of Hina's Diet, Hina takes protein rich in protein . In which he takes coconut water twice daily , 1 bowl of curd and 12 glasses of water.

Hina had appeared in reality show 'Khamko player 8' before Bigg Boss and was the first runner up of the show.

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