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Which animal didn't drink water in his life? Know answer

A.S News 2018-03-12 22:55:18

Hello friends, we are here again with some more interesting and knowledgeable questions that will increase in your knowledge. We hope you will love this questions and will try to use in your future career. Without any late let's read these questions below:

1) What kind of animal is that which does not drink water?

Answer: Kangaroo and rat

2) Where is the pink granite found in Rajasthan?

Answer: Jalore

3) Which country recently blasted a missile on its own country during the missile test?

Answer: North Korea

4) What was the 100th mission of ISRO?

Answer: P.S.L.V

Friends, this is enough for today. I will come back again with more and intrsting questions that will increase your knowledge.

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