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If the bill passes then the motorcycle will disappear from the streets, you will not be able to run BIKE

News line 2018-03-12 22:34:18

New Delhi: If you run BIKE if you have a bad news for you.
Motor bikes that violate the rules of the motor vehicle act and walking in sitting and sitting will now disappear from the streets of the country. A new law is going to come into effect now. The most important thing is that this law related to the Motor Vehicle Act will be made on an initiative beginning with Jabalpur City.

Under this initiative, Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari will present a bill in the Rajya Sabha on Monday. If this bill is passed then a new provision will be effective in the Motor Vehicle Act. Under this, there is also a provision of fine and penalty of up to Rs 100 crores on the manufacturers of vehicles violating Motor Vehicle Act.

It is to be mentioned that Gyan Prakash, a social worker of Anand Nagar of Jabalpur, filed a petition in the MP High Court in 2008. In this he alleged that there were some other necessary arrangements, including the safety of the person sitting behind in many motorcycles.

It is an open violation of Section 123 of the Motor Vehicle Act. MP High Court found the petitioner's logic correct and had banned the sale of motorcycle on November 25, 2008. Sales of motor bikes remained restricted till December 5, 2008 across the state.

The ban was imposed on the sale of motor cycles by the MP High Court. After this, motorcycle makers struck the Supreme Court door. On December 5, 2008, on the petition of motorcycle manufacturers, the Supreme Court stayed the High Court on the verdict. This gave relief to motorcycle manufacturers and the sale of motorcycles in the state was restarted.
The Supreme Court recently dismissed the petition of motorcycle manufacturers on February 23. Once the petition of motorcycle manufacturers was canceled, there has been a stir in every country. It was a fear that the motor vehicles which did not meet the Motor Vehicle Act standards could be restricted not only in Madhya Pradesh but in the whole country.

Prior to applying the petition according to the petitioner Karta Knowledge Prakash, he had written to the then Union Transport Minister and Transport Ministry in 2007-08, which was informed of violation of the Motor Vehicle Act. At the fair hearing, he broke the door of the High Court. According to Knowledge Prakash, according to the experts, under Section 123 of the Motor Vehicle Act, for the rear sitting on the motorcycle, the handling of the hand, the proper balance-making foot rest and the clothes in the wheels etc. is important. At present, the number of motorcycles coming to the market is not being followed in any of them. Racing and stylish bikes are more deadly. It is difficult for women to sit behind them. In these types of bikes, the risk of accidents is high. Keeping this in view, the MP High Court had banned the sale of motorcycles on November 25, 2008.
According to Social Worker Knowledge Prakash, Bill related to Section 123 of Motor Vehicle Act has been passed in Lok Sabha. After the petition of motorcycle manufacturers was dismissed, action will now go ahead.
Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari can present this bill before the Rajya Sabha on Monday. After passing the bill from here, the President will be in front of the President. According to knowledge lighting, if this bill is passed then the racing bikes and sports bikes on the streets will stop operating. Such bikes will only be seen in sports grounds or in tournaments. On the other hand, vehicles manufacturers who violate the necessary provisions in construction of bikes will get a penalty of 100 crores. They can be punished for a year and a half.