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Miracle Properties of Onion

Newsbox 2018-03-12 17:45:31

Many people do not like onions due to its funk, but it has many benefits like improving immunity power, removing facial wrinkles, increasing eyesight etc. There are many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants in the onion, which protects the body from a variety of diseases. Onion is a very useful vegetable. There are anti-bacterial properties in it. It exits the toxic elements in blood. By making its vegetable, it reduces fever, cough and cholesterol. In ancient times, the Egyptians regularly used onions and garlic to eat. Because of sulfur, they have a sharp odor. Vegetables that are most commonly eaten in the potato is the vegetable which is eaten onion, onions. Onion is very beneficial for health. So let's know about the miraculous properties of onion ...


The fibers present on the onion are very beneficial for the stomach. If you have constipation problem, then add raw onions daily to the meal.


This is also the best medicine for the eyes. Calciani and Riboflavin Vitamin B are found in abundance in onions.


Onions and ginger juice are good for asthma patients. By eating onions the blood is thin and is considered good for liver disorders.


There are no two opinions in it that after eating onions, odor starts to smell, but this odor can be removed by eating powdered leaves.