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This is why dogs are the most loyal ones

Naukri Nama 2018-03-12 14:20:30

Dogs are said to be the most loyal and relying animal to man. Even his humans go far away from your life, the dog if you have as a pet will never go and will never leave you untill you let him go.

It is this dog who turns up to the hospital to look for his owner who is actually dead now. This truthfulness and story which is emotional and sad of a dog’s loyalty towards his master, a nameless canine in Brazil’s Sao Paolo state where his own died 4 moths back. A small street fight has ruined the life of owner who was homeless. The owner was a 59-year-old homeless man who got embroiled in a brutal street fight an died.

Before he was declared dead the dog followed the ambulance in which he was taken to the hospital. The owner never came back but the dog expected him to come back and came to hospital daily waiting for his hospital.

There several people offered to take him in and he was handed to the workers from a local kennel, but the loyal living being, he returned every time to be where he saw his master last.

The higher authorities accepted that he will not go back easily so they made all the necessary arrangements for him. He has eternal love for his master. This story went viral when a woman had posted his action on facebook.