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Two students run over by train while recording anti-suicide video

Khaleej Times 2018-02-13 16:55:20

Their effort to educate distressed youngsters who resort to committing suicides by jumping in front of trains, proved to be fatal for two college students in Kolkata.  

In a tragic incident, two students, Soishob Dolui, 20, and Suniol Tanti, 19, were run over by a train while they were busy shooting an anti-suicide video on Monday. 

According to reports in the Hindustan Times, Dolui and Tanti did not notice the train hurtling towards them as they were engrossed in shooting the video which was being shot on the tracks between Dum Dum and Belghoria in the northern suburbs of Kolkata. 

The third student, Shounadip Santra, who was recording the video escaped unhurt. "They were acting. I was recording the video. I was at a spot just beside the tracks. We were shooting for some time. When trains came earlier we moved away. But this time, we could not realise," said Santra, another first year student. 

Railway police got the video the trio was recording and stated it was clear that the students were so engrossed in shooting that they failed to notice the train coming towards them. "From the video of Santra, it is clear that the three were so engrossed in shooting that they could not hear the oncoming train's whistle," rail police superintendent at Sealdah, Ashesh Biswas said.